Play math together while carving pumpkins.

I recently came across this wonderful blog post from playplaydoughtoplato. 




What I love:

1) Little scientists.

The journal for recording data is a very cute addition. It adds a thoughtful, scientific slant to the activity. 

2) Great for older and younger kids.

Got a K-3rd grader and a younger child? My three year old might not be able to guess the numbers, but he can help with taller/shorter, lighter/heavier, etc.

3) Excellent guided estimation.

Estimation is an essential skill in math, and difficult to teach fully within school walls. I love how she gives tips on how to help your child make comparative guesses. 

More tips!

Grab out your MathKit and use the linking cubes (2cm each) to measure the height. Count by 2s to compute. You can use the linking cubes to measure the string, too. 

Don't shy away from math words like maximum circumference (the distance around the pumpkin at the biggest point). 

The math possibilities are endless! How will you play math with your pumpkins this year?


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