Play math together in fall leaves.

I recently came across this wonderful blog post from 




What I loved:

1) Easy set-up.

I don't know about you, but I do best with activities that I can do with nearly zero planning and set-up. For these activities, you just grab a ruler or measuring tape, possibly a pencil and paper, and head outside. 

2) Great for older and younger kids.

Got a K-3rd grader and a younger child? I loved this activity for my family because are plenty of chances for little siblings to do a bit of math, too. My 3 years old played in the leaves, did some counting, helped us sort by size, and really enjoyed this activity overall. 

3) Explore several math topics using the same medium.

You will get to help your kids learn measurement, perimeter, area, and estimation. Your kids will get to gather sticks and play on the ground in fallen leaves.

The math possibilities are endless! How do you play math with your child in the fall leaves?


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