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Playing math with your child is a wonderful way to build confidence and prevent math anxiety. Join Leslie for math stories, games, and crafts in the storytime room at Little Shop.

Who: Children Pre-K through 3rd grade and their grown-ups are welcome!

When: Sunday, October 11 from 1-2pm.

Where:  LITTLE SHOP OF STORIES, 133A East Court Square, Decatur, Georgia 30030

About the Playdate

Want to support math learning at home but don’t know how to start? You snuggle up with your child to enjoy books. Now, you can cuddle up together with math, too!

Leslie Gilbert, MathKit founder and Decatur mom, is teaming up with Little Shop of Stories to help you play math with your child. Pre-K through 3rd graders and their grown-ups will come to the storytime room at Little Shop to enjoy math storytime, games, and crafts.

Come for some family math fun, and leave with great ideas about bringing math into your home. Space is limited, so sign up in advance to reserve your spot. 


About Leslie

I am a math teacher turned stay-at-home mom, living right here in Oakhurst. I love math and am working to foster deep math understanding and a love of learning in my seven-year-old daughter and my three-year-old son.

I believe parents of kids grades K-3 are in a perfect position to help form their child's view of math and math learning. I want to guide parents to help their children get a strong, confident start in math, both with skills and a math learning mindset.

I founded MathKit to make playful, research-based math learning easy for every family.

My current projects include:

  • MathKit, a set of math games and learning tools to help every family play their way to math confidence!
  • Math Playdates
  • Spreading the word about research-based ways to support math learning in your home.

I'm thrilled to partner with our own Little Shop of Stories to bring playful, effective math experiences to the families in Decatur!

Learn more about me and why I made MathKit >


About Little Shop of Stories

hello and welcome to the best independent bookstore for children and their adults in Decatur! Or maybe Atlanta! No, that's not right. We're the best children's bookstore in Georgia! All right, in the the entire Southeast! In this big 'ol United States! In all of North America! In the entire western hemisphere! Okay, we're the best one on the planet Earth! In our solar system! Would you believe in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy?! No, no, no. Little Shop of Stories is the best independent bookstore for kids & the grownups they become in the observable universe!!! (which, according to Wikipedia, "consists of the galaxies and other matter that we can in principle observe from Earth in the present day, because light (or other signals) from those objects has had time to reach us since the beginning of the cosmological expansion.")

Check out the fabulous Little Shop of Stories. >


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MathKit is a set of hands-on games made to help parents teach their kids to be empowered math learners. MathKit includes ten games, math learning tools, and parent support, focusing on addition and subtraction facts. For grades K-3.


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