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MathKit Games help children master addition and subtraction facts and build math confidence. Stock any of our six math learning games to help families support math learning at home!

Play math together

MathKit games were created by a math teacher mom, making evidence-based learning simple for real families. Families practice K-3 addition and subtraction facts through relaxing hands-on games. Easy to learn, and fun to play! 

Inspire confidence

MathKit helps build childrens' confidence while enjoying math learning at home. MathKit shows families how to create a math learning mindset, which researchers have shown is a key aspect of lasting success, particularly for girls.


I created MathKit to help parents support math learning. Through these games, I play and connect with my own daughter while helping her learn math.

Researchers have learned so much about how to set kids up for success in math. I want to bring easy, evidence-based math learning to every family.
— Leslie, inventor of MathKit, math teacher, and mother of two

After torturous sessions with flashcards, it was so refreshing to actually have fun bonding time with my daughter over the foundations of math!
— Becca, mother of Tara
The beach ball game is my favorite. No, Hot Lava is my favorite. They’re all my favorite!
— Leslie's daughter, MathKit tester #1
I love the math behind MathKit. So many students don’t have the number sense to be successful, and this approach helps parents give their kids a solid foundation.
— Bea, college math professor